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 October 14, 2010
Enertopia Partially-Owned Partner Files Additional Patent Applications

 VANCOUVER, BC (October XX, 2010) (C:TOP) (U:ENRT) - Enertopia Corporation (the "Company" or "We") is pleased to announce that its partially-owned clean energy partner Global Solar Water Power Systems, has filed additional patent applications in order to safeguard certain intellectual property.

Global Solar Water Power Systems (GSWPS) has filed a patent application for its high efficiency, high output, long life, tracking Solar Direct Ultra Filtration System suitable for use with rivers, wells, and other bodies of water. Systems have been designed for deployment in areas such as Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Haiti, India and US Native American Projects for late 2010 and throughout 2011.

This system uses the New Superflo SeriesTM Helical Rotor AC/DC high efficiency, high pressure RO and high pressure pump and SuperfloTM pump controller (GSWPS and Sun Pumps patent pending). This new and unique series of pumps saves 30 - 40% over standard high pressure pumps and its design cools the pump and controller while raising efficiency through certain design enhancements.

This very important advancement reduces systems cost by reducing the solar PV electrical power required for the system. This system also utilizes the StawTM pre-filtration device which is a unique proprietary device (GSWPS patent pending) that offers benefits such as extended pump life by up to 50% and increased overall system efficiency by up to 35%. The system also utilizes a unique pump bypass system (GSWPS patent pending), as well as a GSWPS-designed ground protection and enhancement system (GSWPS patent pending), for lightning and surge protection.

The GSWPS UF system is a rugged commercial unit made to last 20 years with proper maintenance to qualify for long term Renewable Energy Credits, and Carbon Credits.

Clean water is one of the greatest challenges that faces our planet in this century. GSWPS and Enertopia Corporation have joint ventured in this project to develop and deploy high-value solar powered water purification systems.

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