When Vaginal Dryness Ends a Sexual Relationship

Belinda is a 52 year old women who had been married for about thirty years when she presented to my clinic. Belinda complained of vaginal itching and had experienced vaginal dryness. To deal with it said she was taking baking soda baths.

Belinda then told me that since menopause she no longer had sex with her husband as she hated it because it was so painful.  It had been two years since she and her husband had been intimate in anyway.

Belinda went on to tell me how her husband was angry all the time and how it had put a strain on their relationship. She knew that it was related to sex because although he had always been particular and a bit annoying, this behavior had increased tenfold since they stopped having sex.

Belinda had read many articles which discussed vaginal dryness and that many of her friends were experiencing vaginal dryness and had stopped having sex with their husbands also.  She felt badly that she could no longer please her man but had felt she had nowhere to turn.

When I explained that vaginal dryness could be managed by lubricants during sex like #V-Love or by using a vaginal moisturizer twice a week, she said her husband did not like to use a lubricant during sex.  She also added that she did not like the thought of putting anything in her vagina.

We discussed the fact that men have different biological urges and drives when it comes to sex and that there was a good chance that he may have an extramarital affair.  She said she had read that and knew it was a risk however she told him that if he strayed, she would leave him and never trust him again. She then said, “when my husband dies, I picture myself over his coffin saying “sorry for not pleasing you.”

We discussed her control of his sexual health and how unfair it would be that because she decided not to seek help, it would not only shut down her sex life, fine it’s her body, however it would also shut down his which simply is not right.  I asked her if she thought it was fair to be angry with him if he did stray when sex is purely a biological need for him and not about love. It was her that he loved.

She believed what I said but was still resistant to treatment.  I then mentioned that this condition could worsen to vaginal atrophy and she may experience irritative bladder symptoms like urgency and leakage. I could see that I had her attention now. That was something she did not want.

Given this new information, Belinda was willing to take the treatment that I recommended which was a vaginal moisturizer in either an ovule or a cream twice weekly after an eight day course.

Belinda returned to the clinic two months after our initial consult. She felt like a new woman and said that she started to feel so much better after about three weeks of the vaginal moisturizer.  She and her husband had resumed their sexual relationship, his mood had improved and everyone was happier. 

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