Every Woman BC

#V-Love made it’s debut at the Every Woman 2015 event held at Whistler, British Columbia a few weekends ago.   The response to #V-Love a new sexual desire gel/lubricant was overwhelming!  The women were very happy to finally have an option that may increase their sexual desire and decrease discomfort during sex. 

There were a number of health care practitioners including a women’s health doctor, a fitness doula and a pelvic floor physiotherapist, all of whom remarked how grateful they were to finally have something to offer their patients for low sexual desire.

On Saturday afternoon, I presented my “Sexual Desire Talk” to a packed room of women anxious to learn about how they could live a healthier and more fulfilled sex life especially during times of life like pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, peri-menopause and post menopause.

Low sexual desire is common and may happen at any time during a woman’s life.  Ladies, it’s time to get back to the bedroom and women need to be sure their relationship is on the front burner.  Having good self esteem and even better sexual self - esteem is vital to a great sex life.  Being fit through healthy eating and physical exercise is key to feeling good about oneself.  Keeping an eye on being sexy through fantasy, thoughts, dirty talk and toys will keep the fires burning.

Many of the women perused and purchased the sex toys that were available for sale. It is important to use a water-based lubricant like #V-Love with sex toys so they don’t disintegrate.  Many women had never used a vibrator before and decided to take the plunge after listening to the “sextalk.”  Some women who had used a vibrator wanted to take their pleasure to the next level and purchased more advanced toys like the Intensity, a device I call the “gymnasium for the pelvic floor”.

All in all it was a great weekend! I reconnected with women from years past, met new friends, heard wonderful stories of love, loss, heartache, rebirth, affairs, rejuvenation and more.   Physical activity is the karyon of the conference but much more happens in terms of learning, bonding and networking. #GirlPower

For more information on sexual desire, please visit: www.enertopia.com/sexual-health