May Is Masturbation Month

Masturbation often gets a bad rap despite the fact that most of us do it but no one talks about it.  Masturbation is normal and healthy and in spite of what you may have heard it will not cause you to go blind.

Masturbation is self stimulation of the genitalia for sexual arousal and hopefully to the point of ultimate pleasure otherwise known as sexual climax or orgasm.  Masturbation is critically important whether or not you are in a relationship. There are a number of different ways to masturbate and pleasure stroking is achieved by touching or massaging your penis or clitoris until you reach orgasm.  Many women find it easier to masturbate to orgasm with a sex toy like a vibrator.  Some men will use a “false vagina” like the popular Fleshlight when masturbating however there are a number of different styles and sizes. In fact the false vagina is the most popular sex toy on my website

Masturbation is likely the thing we do the most and talk about the least.  According to research, 95% of men have masturbated and 89% of women do as well. Interestingly enough, women who have low sexual desire for their partner commonly masturbate. 

Masturbation is considered taboo and yet it is the first sexual experience for most males and females. Sexual self exploration is an important developmental time that is beneficial for having a fulfilled sex life with another person. If you don't know what feels good, you will not be able to convey that to your future lovers.

Let’s face it, masturbation feels good, has health benefits and is a way to relieve sexual tension that may build up for people in or out of relationships.  Experiencing orgasm releases hormones that help with bonding, sleep, mood and sexual self-esteem.  It is the safest sex and the best contraception. Not only is masturbation good for your health, it is therapeutic. Prescribing “masturbation” is a common therapeutic approach for many of my patients.  For women, I will often prescribe masturbation to assist them in achieving orgasm, whereby for men it is a technique used to assist with premature ejaculation.  It is the best homework!

Keep in mind that mutual masturbation is also a turn on for many couples, but it is important you are comfortable yourself.   After all, I say, “if you cannot touch yourself, who can you touch?”

In honour of masturbation month, I will be giving out sex toys on the CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show to help you keep it up to promote the normalcy, safety and absolute pleasure of masturbation.

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