So Sweet Yet So Deadly for Sexual Desire

So Sweet Yet So Deadly for Sexual Desire

Low sexual desire is a common occurrence today and most women can relate to experiencing this at one point or another in their relationship.  According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV, the American Psychiatric Association’s classification and diagnostic tool, lack of desire (classified as HSDD or hypo-active sexual desire disorder, or female sexual interest/arousal disorder) and the related anxiety it causes, is the most common of women’s sexual complaints. What woman can’t relate to “just not having that loving feeling,” at one time or another.

There are many reasons for low sexual desire including relationship troubles, hormones, fatigue, medical conditions and medications. But whoever would have thought something so sweet like sugar could lead to low libido.   Well once you realize just how deadly sugar can be for your sexual desire, you will put that donut right down realizing the benefit is that you might have more desire to “get down.”

For starters, sugar lowers your testosterone levels. Yes, women have testosterone as well but smaller amounts of it.  The insulin resistance that accompanies a high sugar diet lowers testosterone in women.  When blood sugar levels are high, the clitoral congestion is less because the blood flow is decreased. Call it female erectile dysfunction.

Sugar is an energy thief. High glycemic index foods quickly elevate your blood sugar levels, which, makes you produce much more insulin than what is needed to bring your blood sugar down.  These sugar highs and lows lead to dips in energy resulting in fatigue, one of the main reasons for low sexual desire.

Whether a woman is hormonal or stressed (no they are not one in the same) the cravings for sugar are ignited.  Sugar is inflammatory and leads to stress in your body elevating one’s cortisol levels. Furthermore sugar is stored as fat in the body. Fat means weight gain and weight gain can leave a woman feeling less than sexy. What woman wants to have a romantic interlude when they are not feeling sexy?

Sugar is not sexy and I recommend to all of my patients to cut it out of their diets.  High sugar leads to low blood flow and sex is all about the blood flow (second to the brain of course).  Many patients do not realize just how much sugar they are consuming in their diets, even without the consumption of sugary snacks but sugar hides in foods like processed carbohydrates, flour and alcohol.  Fruits, fruit snacks, juices and even carrots have high sugar content or a high glycemic index.

So if you want to reduce the sugar in your diet, go for a low glycemic index diet and watch your sex drive kick into top gear!

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